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I made the 2 mile hike down to LOCAL HEROES in Norfolk VA (http://www.localheroescomics.com) to see if the owner would hang my flyer for the zuda announcement in the store. Not only did he let me put it up, he put it center stage on the bulletin board, and directed me to a UPS store up the block and told me if I printed more flyers he'd stuff them in everyone's bag on wed. I did, and he did!

So major thank you and kudos to Greg Thompson at Local Heroes for being such a damn nice dude. Even though I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything since I am trying to save my money for Heroes Con and my ad campaign, I thought it was only fitting to give Greg some business, so I picked up The New Mutants, JSA, and the final issue of Ultimate Spider-man vol. 1. I was fairly annoyed with the Spider-man book as it cost $4 and had no words in it.

In sad news, I found that Kogoshii had fallen from 3rd place to 4th, so I really need to work harder and take the top spot.

I put up a youtube trailer and went and hit all of the social networking sites:

We're going to do this. And it'll be AWESOME.
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