Jun. 14th, 2009

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I swear, it really has only been 14 days since we started competing in the Zuda competition. But it FEELS like a damn eternity. We started off the gate strong with 3rd place, and then the last two ranking updates kept us at 4th place. I don't mind not moving a spot last time around, if there is a choice between holding strong and falling behind I'd rather hold strong. While I get my marketing bearings.

I've gotten a LOT of great support in the community. Local church congregations promised to vote for me, my neighbors, the Civic Leage, the awesome Local Heroes comic shop up in Norfolk actually put flyers in everyone's bags.

Kat and I are leaving for Heroes Con on Thursday night. I am happy that I have had some good fortune picking up some odd jobs with the neighbors to give my travel fund more oomph. After paying for the hotel, and the rental car (we're getting a Dodge Charger! Deathproof car!) it'd be nice to have some shopping money.

I hope my check from DC comes before we leave. I am REALLY hoping it arrives in tomorrow's mail. But we shall see!

We've gotten a few things up for people to stumble upon:


and I did an article for Broken Frontier:


we have an interview going up on comics.info soon and something over at ideology of madness

More to come! Working hard but we need your votes to win - if you haven't yet please go to:


and vote!

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